The Polar Explorer was of the second type flat cab type was was my favorite, this was due to the fact that it came with a snowplough, my love of the snow and the similarity of the vehicles cab to British Rails class 158 Sprinter Express which were being introduced on the Edinburgh & Glasgow mainline back in 1989. The immediate trailer is a flatbed and has a snowplough lashed to the top, the snowplough it self could be attached to the front of the explorer and clipped into place. The trailers available for this model are the DV27 Basic Haulage Trailer (which came with two spare wheels), The D130 Excavator Trailer and a Polar version Mobile Command Trailer. I also had one of these when I was younger however it was lost over the years and I suspect it may have been binned as the motor may have died, this was a common problem with the the toys and I used to push mine to the limit. The reason being is I used to expect my Explorer to actually push snow out of the way!