These appeared in Tandy circa 1994 and were one of a kind, they were of the rounded cab design and came with a trailer included in the box which featured the mechanical grab.

 Interesting differences were that the rubber tires were removed and replaced with caterpillar tracks. This meant that the wheels were redesigned and given grooves for the track teeth to sit in. Another interesting difference with this model was that the trailer sat very close behind the primary unit AND linked into the all wheel drive system. This was very different as the trailer was not connected to the all wheel drive in the original models even though it did have the provision it was missing the drive transfer cog, the tow bar was different also which made the original trailers sit a good 1 cm behind the unit.

This version also came with a front wheel attachment enable the vehicle to climb over objects. This was never part of the original series and for what I know was unique to Tandy’s version, this leads me to believe that the Explorers were marketed as something else abroad (More on this to come) as I don’t see Tandy redesigning the mold just for one release, also this model is the only one not be have been made by Supertoys Inc (A US company) and is simply embossed ‘Made In China’. These models were imported by a company called InterTAN.