Looking through my dupliate/spares yesterday I had an idea. I could complete my Space Explorer set if I took the Mechanical Excavator from a battered and broken Terrain EX1 and fit it on the back of the spare Radar Dish trailer to create the missing Mechanical Excavator! So I now have a full Space set plus a full Polar set. This now means I have a miss coloured Radar Dish mounting which can be remedied by a paint job to complete my Ocean set. I still have the problem of not enough trailer chassis but I do have a good few busted by primary vehicles chassis which can be disassembled and modified into trailers by use of the included tow bars. This is due to the modular construction of the vehicles, if you look at the parts the toys are constructed of you’ll see their all the interchangeable just with different coloured plastic. More to come on this topic!